For my photographs I use the collodion wet plate technique.
This method is over 160 years old. Yet, it is fascinating
to this day.

Here’s a short video of the making-of a collodion wetplate.

My product is unique. It is handmade and hard to reproduce.
The process of making a wet plate can be witnessed
and is an extraordinary experience for the parties involved.
But – as with everything that is a little older – it takes time.
Be aware that you might have to sit still for approximately 10 secs.
Any movement will appear blurred on the photograph.
If you plan to come into my studio, make shure you bring some time.
Thus it is essential to make an appointment with me in advance.

Every photograph comes in a wooden box. The boxes are manifactured
in Berlin in cooperation with Caritas Werkstatt St. Johnannesberg.
These wooden boxes are made for presentational purposes
as well as archival storage.

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